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    A 9th vote for FastLane! It was built specifically for NSF and is maintained by a dedicated tech team, so it's the best tool for that particular job. (Although I didn't work on the team that maintains it, I have former colleagues who did/do, and they ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Thanks everyone for this very helpful advice.  8 out of 8 votes for FastLane!  I know what I'll be working on today :) ------------------------------ Amanda Paveglio Manager of Grant Services Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Lancaster PA 717-606-1666 ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Higher Education

    Dear All, I am working on a project to identify best practices in the structure, role, and responsibilities of the Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) function in higher education--specifically, how this function is set up (staff structure, ...

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