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    Posted in: Grant Consultants

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I've been a nonprofit grant writer in Tennessee for about 10 years and joined GPA a few months ago. I'm interested in starting work as a subcontractor with the eventual goal of becoming ...

  • Posted in: GPA Open Forum

    I have responded to a few competitions, and we won one. Most of the announcements came through federal departments, and were listed on challenge.gov.  I just looked at that site again, and the volume of possibilities is considerably less than it was. ...

  • Posted in: GPA Open Forum

    Part of this depends on the size of the grant and the type of funder. You mentioned that this is a small non-profit. If you're therefore dealing with a small grant from a local foundation, your data does not need to be nearly as robust as if it's a government ...

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