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    We've debated this very point with our grants department (including myself) and I do think it is worthwhile to obtain your PMP.  Much of what we do as grant professionals is actually project management, in my opinion.  I would also encourage you to pursue ...

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    Transperancy in Process/How do you choose?

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    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi All, Sorry for the anonymous posting but what I'm about to ask has not been announced yet, so I need to keep it anonymous for now.  I am a GPC and have been part of GPA for more than a ...

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    Best of luck in your dispute. Sadly, my organization has similar stories. The most egregious was when we were declined because they said we were over on the number of pages. We were not, but because they cut sections (not all in the same areas) the reviewers ...

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