JulieAnna Carsen GPC

Arizona State University

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Arizona State University


JulieAnna provides pre-award grant support and discovery services to assist faculty and staff with strategic proposal construction for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Research Opportunity Development and Advancement (RODA) team at Arizona State University.  Before joining RODA, she developed, administered and secured funding for a variety of tribal and city government projects in southwest Arizona. JulieAnna leverages her background in government communications strategy and competitive sponsor intelligence to provide grant writing resource support by meeting with faculty and staff interested in writing grants, conducting strategic solicitation searches aligned with research agendas, copyediting and framing proposals to ensure message adherence to funder expectations, assistance with interpreting reviewer feedback for proposal revision and resubmission, and developing award implementation resources for the college. (Also, yes, that is the longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences, ha!)