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Lancaster-Lebanon IU13

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Lancaster-Lebanon IU13


I've worked at the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) since 2010, and as their dedicated Manager of Grant Services since 2015. IU13 is an educational service agency that supports 22 school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, in south-central PA. In my current role, I support my 1400 colleagues as "part grant writer, part project manager, part writing coach, and part grants trainer."  My "secret superpower" is visual explanation, which sometimes involves creating my own diagrams/visuals. 

I actually live in State College, PA, about 125 miles away from IU13's main office, and therefore I telecommute from my house most days. I'm good at Skype and virtual meetings, and my two closest coworkers are of the 4-legged, feline variety. 

I've been a member of GPA since 2015, and currently serve on the Mentoring Task Force and as a member of the Grant Professionals Foundation board. I attained my GPC in spring 2018. 

Personal interests include: knitting, Star Trek/scifi/nerdiness, playing bagpipes in a celtic rock band, and bad puns. I'm bad at gardening but decent at cooking. Influences include: Stephen King, Vu Le, Josh Bernoff, Bear McCreary, Gene Roddenberry, Weird Al Yankovic, Dan Roam, Rachel Maddow, Alexx Reed, Florence Welch, and my parents.