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Constance Grimm is the director of grants & resource development at Hawkeye Community College. With over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, she knows that working in philanthropy is challenging but also rewarding. In fact, she firmly believes that grant professionals and other nonprofit staff are all superheroes. Constance began developing her own nonprofit superpowers while working as the sole staff person for the grassroots Stork’s Nest program at Operation Threshold, a community action agency. She earned a master’s in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Development and bachelor's in Management: Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa, as well as a Business Administration associate degree from Hawkeye Community College. Constance further honed her skills as the mother of five sons (her most challenging nonprofit role), director of development at Hartman Reserve Nature Center, grant writer at Hawkeye Community College, and first executive director of the Waterloo Community Playhouse & Black Hawk Children’s Theatre. Committed to collaboration, Constance is a founding member of the local Association of Fundraising Professionals chapter and Cedar Valley Nonprofit Association's Grant Gurus group. Creativity, compassion, courage, and competence are at her core. Some of her superpowers include the ability to create a logic model, read a balance sheet, and manage a $15-million Department of Labor grant with fourteen sub-recipients across the state of Iowa. As with all superheroes, she does have one major weakness – her grandson, Cooper.